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Current NGV SMS Gateway Numbers:

China: +8613466750000
Hong Kong: +85295243431
Indonesia: +6281585025252
Malaysia: +60167052352
Singapore: +6591127152
Singapore: +6593698513
Taiwan: +886920857384
Thailand: +66859080203

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Premium IDD Rates?
  How It Works
From the NGV¡¯s Click-2-PhoneTM Client, indicate your preferred source number and select the destination number that you wish to connect. The international call will then be connected automatically upon a click. Your source number will ring first and upon answering, the call to the destination party will be established.

The service is accessible globally, as long as your PC is connected to the internet. Once the call is connected, the PC and internet connection is no longer required*.

*Except for SIP VOIP-calls features
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